Meet The Author

Growing up, Angela had a beautiful life and was brought up in a loving home, with her twin sisters, where learning languages was welcomed. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Angela quickly found she had an aptitude for learning and became fluent in five languages. Angela became the first person in the family to go to university, where she studied modern languages at the American University in Cairo. Angela travelled the world with her father, who expressed the importance of visiting these places, saying “If we don’t visit them, you may never see them again”. And he was right.

With the Suez Crisis, Angela had to flee from Egypt to England in 1957, and quickly settled into her new life. Angela loved living in England and made some happy family memories with her three children. In her working life, she became a French teacher in Kent before moving to Sunderland where she met her soul mate, Frank. She loved teaching and Greek dancing, but her proudest moment was setting up her own Language and Interpreting business where she worked for the Home Office and the Police. Her entrepreneurship and success led to Angela being featured in numerous local press articles and media.

Frank and Angela had a beautiful life together and they travelled all over Greece as they shared a passion for this beautiful country. They married in October 1989 and shared many happy years together. Now, at the grand age of 90, Angela has managed to piece together all of her life stories and family legacy into the beautiful masterpiece: La Famiglia.