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Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is a well-known drink in Greece. It is made with freshly ground beans that are roasted over an open flame. Greek coffee is made in a briki, which are small copper pots that are heated over an open flame. The grounds are put into water that has been heated on the stovetop and left to steep for several minutes before being strained into cups with sweetened condensed milk and sugar added by customers themselves (this way everyone can customize their own cup).

Coffee is a really important part of Greek culture

Coffee is a really important part of Greek culture, and it’s not just because they have great coffee shops!

Coffee has been around in Greece since the Ottoman Empire brought it over from Yemen. At first, people didn’t drink it much–it was mostly used for medicinal purposes. But then things changed: when Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, he had his troops bring back some beans for their own use. Soon after that, Greek merchants began importing coffee from Egypt themselves (and later from other countries as well). Nowadays you can find cafes everywhere in Greece serving up delicious cups of joe–from Athens to Santorini!

Reading coffee grinds is a tradition in Greece

Reading coffee grinds is a tradition in Greece that has spread throughout the world. It was invented in Greece, and it involves reading patterns in the ground coffee left behind after brewing. You can use this practice to divine your future or just have fun trying to figure out what shapes and designs mean!

Greeks read the grinds to divine their future

You can also have your coffee grounds read by a kahveci, or coffee reader. The kahveci will place the grinds in a cup and then interpret what they see as meaning for you.

  • If there are many small pieces of bean in the cup, it means that good things are ahead for you!
  • If there are only large pieces of bean left behind after brewing and drinking your coffee, then this means bad luck may be on its way as well.

The Greeks have a very rich history with coffee.

Coffee is a staple of Greek culture, and the Greeks have had a long history with coffee. It was brought to Greece by the Ottomans in the 17th century, who were said to be huge fans of this caffeinated beverage. They cultivated it on their own lands and enjoyed its benefits–namely that it helped keep them alert during long nights spent fighting off invaders from other countries.

In fact, many people consider coffee one of Greece’s greatest gifts to the world: according to legend (and Wikipedia), an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed his animals acting more energetic after eating berries from a certain tree; he tried some himself and soon became energized as well! He then shared his findings with local monks at an abbey near Mt. Horeb (now known as Mount Sinai). The monks used these beans in their religious ceremonies instead of water–and so began our love affair with caffeine!

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